The Crown Inn

Terms & Conditions

If you reserve more than 5 rooms on any one or more night(s) this is deemed a group reservation and we require a 50% non-refundable deposit for the total stay, and all other terms and conditions will apply. For group reservations AND Bank Holiday bookings we require a minimum of 21 days notice of cancellation or amendment of any reservation to avoid a cancellation charge of the TOTAL value of the reservation as detailed in the confirmation letter. The same terms apply to bookings of 5 or more nights. For Wedding and other party bookings of 7 rooms or more, a surcharge may be applied – details on request.

For promotional bookings or bookings where pre-payment is taken, no refunds can be given.  If we are able to re-sell the room, we may be able to offer a refund.

For other bookings a minimum of 48 hours notice is required.
Any cancellations must be made in writing, by letter or email.
At the sole discretion of the Company, the charge MAY be waived in part if we are able to re-let the cancelled room(s) in part, and WILL be waived in full if the total value of the booking can be replaced in full.
We require a valid CREDIT card to secure bookings and reserve the right to charge the card for cancellations falling outside the permitted time scales, as detailed above. If you are using a DEBIT card, we will need to charge the full amount at the time of booking.  By entering into this contract you are authorising us to make the above charges to the card without any additional consent being required.